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Spirit Enhancement Services

A Process With Purpose

Our patented C.R.A.F.T. technology produces an ultra-premium spirit at a cost that blows standard methods out of the water. Transform traditional tastes and aromas through an extraordinary process that revolutionizes conventional techniques.

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Is Persedo Right for You?

Absolutely! Any distiller, bottler, or blender can harness Persedo’s innovative process to elevate their product even further. Alternatively, start with the distillate you are making today and create a new expression altogether. Enjoy spirit enhancement services through our own bulk production offerings, or lease more hands-on equipment for those who would benefit having a Persedo C.R.A.F.T. system in their own facilities. Together, we can accomplish creative outcomes that are especially ideal for small and large distillers.

Access tunable technology and GC/MS analytics to control various process parameters at the tip of your fingers. As our system allows for a broad spectrum of creativity when developing your own spirit, we will work closely to treat small samples of your product, conduct comparative tastings, and collaborate on the ideal creation for your bottle.

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Stop by our Tasting Room any time for system demonstrations and one-on-one comparison tasting. Can’t get away? Send us a 1.5L sample of your spirit. We will enhance it and return to you for a before and after comparison!

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