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About Persedo

A Purer, Unparalleled Spirit

Through a revolutionary combination of art and science, our team has discovered a new way to enhance spirits that allows distillers the opportunity to make an even better drink.

We recruited one of the top leading experts in chemistry to develop a unique method that would efficiently convert and reduce certain congeners. The smoother, more refined results allow us to effectively elevate taste, aroma, and mouthfeel, without the excessive cost or loss of alcohol associated with additional distillation and barreling.

Rethink Traditional Taste

Enjoy classic spirits like whiskey, gin, bourbon, and vodka without the harsh aftertaste they’re known to have. Persedo technology transcends the limits of traditional aging and barreling by using innovative science to create the perfect finish.

Discover Persedo

Raise a Glass to Dr. Mosier

Our highly skilled team of scientists was both founded and led by principal scientist Dr. Benjamin Mosier, a three-time winner of NASA’s Inventor of the Year award, micro-encapsulation expert, and author of over 50 patents. His work with Persedo has delivered some of the smoothest and best-tasting spirits in the world.