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Uniquely Crafted to Your Taste

At Persedo, we understand the importance of quality and quantity. Choose from our wide selection of raw or enhanced top-shelf spirits in the size options that best suit your specific needs. With thousands of custom combinations to explore, your product is guaranteed to be one of a kind, every time.

Neutral Grain Spirits

Persedo offers a variety of neutral grain spirits (known as “NGS” or “GNS”) through our coveted enhancement options or as raw, “unenhanced” stock. With an efficient supply chain in place, we offer the base for vodka or gin in tanker loads, by the tote, or even by the drum— making Persedo the preferred option for craft distillers of any size.

View our scientifically-based sample data to get a taste for what’s in store.

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We stock inventory of several gin bases in both enhanced and unenhanced varieties, as well as obtain or create a specialized recipe for any client. With our established supplier connections, Persedo delivers expedited orders and services faster and with more flexibility than that offered by larger bulk suppliers.


Persedo carefully sources and selects fine whiskies from across the globe that are further refined by our innovative C.R.A.F.T. technology. In addition to enhancing aged spirits, we can also offer “new make” to be barreled and aged to the craft distiller’s preference.

Other/Proprietary Spirits

Our technology has limitless applications that can be tuned across the spectrum of spirits. With an established vendor network in place, we can source any bulk spirits and work with clients to develop a custom version to their specifications. Let us craft a proprietary product to your satisfaction with our live enhancement and blending services.

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Discover how our state-of-the-art enhancement process has changed the game for traditional distillation methods through advanced Persedo technology.

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