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A Taste for Innovation

We hold a tremendous respect for the traditions of aging and distillation. We build from the foundation of great spirits but push past the limits of modern methods for a truly unique experience. Enjoy the smoother, more approachable taste with less burn than your average premium and super-premium spirits.

"Persedo's technology is not complicated, speculative, or theoretical. It's a demonstrably scalable process that removes undesirable congeners while converting others to produce a top shelf spirit. Very impressive!"

- Daniel Barnes | Treaty Oak Distillery | Dripping Springs, Texas

It’s All About the C.R.A.F.T.

With a technique unlike any other, Persedo delivers the highest quality spirits by removing targeted inferior alcohols and creating desired esters (before or after barreling) without the loss of volume from ever-extended barrel time. Our process is quicker and more cost effective than other methods, and is the only one scientifically proven for ultimate consistency.

To produce a premium vodka or gin from neutral spirits, the standard protocol would require additional distillation and filtration. Instead, you can realize 20% more volume, use less energy, and reach premium quality much faster using the Persedo’s C.R.A.F.T. system.

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Customize your own unique flavors of gin, vodka, bourbon, and whiskey when you take advantage of Persedo’s bulk production services. Each high-end spirit is enhanced with our pioneering C.R.A.F.T. technology to guarantee great flavors with an incredible finish.

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Give it a Try

Stop by our Tasting Room any time for system demonstrations and one-on-one comparison tasting. Can’t get away? Send us a 1.5L sample of your spirit. We will enhance it and return to you for a before and after comparison!

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